Danilo Lorenzini studied Piano and Composition at the “G. Verdi” Conservatory with Antonio Ballista and Bruno Bettinelli. From 1974 to 1979 he taught piano at the Civica Scuola di Musica in Milan and has been a professor of composition at the “G. Verdi” Conservatory since 1979.

Active as both concert pianist and composer, he was received by some of the most prestigious musical institutions in Italy and abroad: Teatro alla Scala, I Pomeriggi Musicali, the Conservatory and Piccolo Teatro of Milan, RAI in Turin, Teatro la Fenice in Venice, Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo, the Autunno Musicale in Como, the Two Worlds Festival in Spoleto and Charleston, the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome, the Festival della Società Internazionale di Musica Contemporanea in Bonn, Teatro della Pergola in Florence, the “Italiana ‘92” Exhibition at Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Mar del Plata, the “Europa 1993” Festival in Camerino, Prague, Budapest, Mantua, and Milan, the “45th Berliner Festwochen,” the 21st “Theatre of Nations” Congress in Seoul (Korea), and the Teatre de Vidy in Lausanne. Lorenzini works regularly as composer, pianist, and director with the Compagnia Marionettistica “Carlo Colla e figli” with which he recently worked on tour in Greece and in the United States produced the adaptation of Mozart’s opera Il sogno di Scipione (Scipio’s Dream). He was the musical director of the Compagnia Stabile of the Teatro Filodrammatici in Milan and worked on various television and radio broadcasts, recordings, and musical revisions. In 1995 he founded the Laboratorio per la Ricerca sul Suono (LaRiS). Lorenzini is also the author of numerous writings of essayistic, critical, scientific, literary and editorial character. He consistently works with pianist Alessandro Palumbo and clarinettist Michele Naglieri.

His musical interests and formation enabled him to collaborate with diverse prominent figures in the musical “extra-classical” world, such as Franco Nebbia, Rosalina Neri and Gino Negri for cabaret, Franco Battiato and Giorgio Gaber for song, and Roberto Cacciapaglia for music for commercials and film.