07.27.2017: The ‘SUBSONGS’ by SOLLIMA in the new production of the BALLETTO TEATRO in TURIN

presented at the Festival “Acqui in Palcoscenico”

On July 27th, during the XXXIV Edition of the Festival “Acqui in Palcoscenico”, will be displayed ‘Concept#1’, the new production of the Balletto Teatro in Turin which includes the ‘SUBSONGS’ by GIOVANNI SOLLIMA with the choreography by Yin Yue.

ChoreographyYin Yue
MusicGiovanni Sollima
Harp: Federica Magliano
Dancers: Lisa Mariani, Viola Scaglione, Wilma Puentes Linares, Flavio Ferruzzi, Emanuele Piras, Hillel Perlman