COLLA Alberto

(Alessandria, Piedmont, 1969)

Lo squarcio delle anime per orchestra sinfonica
00h 20' 00" Symphonic

3333-4331 - 4 Tp. Perc. (3 esec.) Pf. A. - Archi (

On rental. A double valence, one material and the other emotive, creates 'the tear of the souls'. The first means 'tear' as a fissure, that is, of the tombs from ancient civilizations (Egyptian, Etruscan) to concede the escape of the souls towards the constellations. The other alludes to the complete and irreversible separation from their decay that death procures. The piece is divided into sections with particular graphic allusions through the musical composition and the use of symbolic objects. (The notes written on each page actually 'depict' objects, such as a seven-armed candelabra).

Composed in: 2001-2002

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