COLLA Alberto

(Alessandria, Piedmont, 1969)

Euterpe per ensemble
00h 08' 00" Chamber

sarabanda per falena, asteroide e palma
Fl. Cl. - Perc.+Vib.+Glsp. (1 esec.) Pf. Ch. - Vla, Vc.

On rental. A sarabande dedicated to Euterpe, the muse of lyric poetry and music, commissioned for the reopening of the Teatro delle Muse of Ancona. The generative nucleus of the composition is the 'Sarabande', a collection of flute pieces titled 'Euterpe oft Speelgodinne' by the famous Dutch carilloneur of the 17th century, Jacob van Eyck. The development of the piece, first expanded, is made strident and the smooth unfolding of the music grants passage to a somber, inarticulate and doleful timbre.

Composed in: 2003

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