SOLLIMA Giovanni

(Palermo, 1962)

Songs from the Divine Comedy
01h 30' 00" Operas

opera da camera per voci soliste, voce recitante e ensemble elettroacustico, basata sul testo originale della Divina Commedia

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A voyage - as seen under a musical lens - through the canticles of Dante's Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso, structured in different sections in which the voice alternates in moments of rhythmic and sonorous fury respective to each sight, sound, and smell described in the Commedia. Always fascinated by Dante's work and by its English translations, Sollima was curious to hear 'how it would sound in that language, what type of sonority and metronomic speed the triplet would adopt in spoken or sung English in comparison with the original language using both of them'. The pieces Byron-the prophecy of Dante, Hell I, Hell VI-Conte Ugolino, La Spera ottava ('il quanto e 'l quale di quell'allegrezza), were released on the CD Works, mastered by Sony.

Composed in: 2004

Operas of SOLLIMA Giovanni