SOLLIMA Giovanni

(Palermo, 1962)

Ellis Island
01h 40' 00" Operas

originale di Roberto Alajmo
poesie di William Carlos Williams e Bengin Aksu

opera 2 A. (Ellis Island inizio XX secolo)
1ª Palermo Teatro Massimo 4-10-2002
FELICITA, voce femm. pop/rock - IL FUNZIONARIO, t. - IL MEDICO, t. - ALESI, t. - JOHN MARTIN, br.
CORO: uomini, donne, ragazzi
Vc./electric midi cello solo - 2222 - Sax.t. - 2221 - Perc. (2 esec.) Cmp. + Vib. + Mar. + Glsp. Pf. 2 Sintetizzatori (2. sampler) 2 Ch.el. - Archi ( - base registrata

Orchestral material on rental

Ellis Island is the entry portal to the Promised Land: America. On this thin strip of land placed in front of the Manhattan skyscrapers, immigrant crowds gather to be crudely examined before being able to realize their dream of a new life. From the libretto, an account of the writer and journalist Roberto Alajmo, Sollima composes an anti-descriptive work that renounces all connection to traditional lyric opera. Premiered at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, featuring the pop star Elisa. In a review in La Repubblica, Angelo Foletto writes: 'All of the musical forces gave the rare sensation that Ellis Island was already an established opera as opposed to its novice contemporaries. The public [was] so visibly moved as if Sollima's evocative music had truly brought an important realization of life to the stage'.

Composed in: 2002

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