SOLLIMA Giovanni

(Palermo, 1962)

Voyage per trio
00h 10' 00" Chamber

Cl. Pf. Vno (o Vla)

Full score and parts - version for violin (6198) or viola (6199)- on sale

Composed in: 1995

The idea of “voyage” well adapts to Giovanni Sollima’s works. They are works that voyage in the past and in the present of a town of voyagers like Palermo. Or they get lost towards Africa, searching for the “missing piece” on the steps of the “wanderers” with a poet soul like Paul Bowles and Bruce Chatwin. This Voyage is not an exception with its melody “carved out in ancient Arab scales” and its ever-channing harmony, just like looking out of a train window. The central part of the piece is like a dance, a flight, a frenetic escape during which the hunter and the prey excange their skins. In some moments, everything starts again, in a touching and vital way. Minimalism brought back again to its original cradle.

Dario Oliveri

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