SOLLIMA Giovanni

(Palermo, 1962)

J. Beuys Song per violoncello ed electronics
01h 00' 00" Ballets

balletto di Carolyn Carlson
commissione de La Biennale di Venezia 2001
1ª Venezia Biennale 7-6-2001

1. Terra Fuoco 3'30

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Commissioned for choreographer Carolyn Carson at the Biennale Danza Musica Teatro in Venice. This work was based on a text by Joseph Beuys in which the author rediscovers nature and protests the human indifference in 'a return to the miracle of life and of reproduction: the air, the trees, the earth' (Sollima). The pieces of the ballet Terra Aria, Terra Acqua, Terra Danza and Terra Fuoco were released on the CD Works by Sony. Between movements, the better-known Terra Aria was used for the soundtrack of Peter Greenway's The Tulse Luper Suitcases and for the RaiUno program Il bell'Antonio.

Composed in: 2001

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