SOLLIMA Giovanni

(Palermo, 1962)

Aquilarco per ensemble ed electronics
00h 47' 00" Chamber

Fl. + Ott. Perc. Ch. + Basso el. Tastiera - Vno, Vla, 2 Vc. - CD

Orchestral material on rental.The Aquilarco project was born in New York during the summer of 1998 with a CD produced out of the explicit request of Philip Glass for his label Point Music/PolyGram, featuring Bob Wilson. According to Sollima, Aquilarco 'is the name of an instrument created by a kite played with a bow. I wanted to narrate the story of a flight. I thought about a part of my homeland, the island of Sicily, about an ancient port where restless sailors used to dwell'. The piece was described in the New York magazine Time Out as 'a work of brilliant and sensual music that sets forth a particular Sicilian mixture of new and old'. Pieces from Aquilarco were used as principle themes of the soundtrack of I cento passi and La meglio gioventù, both films by Marco Tullio Giordana.

Composed in: 1998

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