SOLLIMA Giovanni

(Palermo, 1962)

Quattro opere di Andy Warhol per ensemble
00h 15' 00" Chamber

1010-0000 - Xf. Glsp. Pf. - 2 Vni, Vla, Vc. Cb.

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Four musical descriptive pieces inspired by Warhol's works: Electric Chair, Marilyn Monroe, Flowers and Saturday's Popeye. Strokes of sound like those of a paintbrush in Flowers, contrasting sonorous levels stand for the dualism of beauty and fiction in Marilyn Monroe, backward variations form the song Braccio di Ferro in Saturday's Popeye, and an air of suspension ends the Fortissimo in Electric Chair. This piece was performed, among other international venues, at the Sala Dorada of the Teatro Colòn in Buenos Aires.

Composed in: 1987; edited in: 1994

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