04.22.2014: LUNARIA by Etta SCOLLO and Vincenzo CONSOLO

CD release and Italian premiere at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan

After a successful tour in Germany and the release of the CD for the label Egea, Tuesday, April 22 nd at 8:45 pm Etta presents at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan the Italian premiere of his LUNARIA - Nella gioia luminosa dell’inganno, a series of songs based on the famous text by Vincenzo Consolo, a great writer from Catania who recently died. 

The story takes place in a fantastic Sicily, contemplated through a kaleidoscope that combines all the colors of the Mediterranean baroque; the protagonist is the viceroy of the island, a melancholic and lunar character.

This atypical sovereign sees in a dream the fall of the moon, it would seem only a nightmare but it is actually a premonition: in a remote village of the viceroyalty, forgotten even by the maps, the moon is actually falling ...

The tale, suspended between lyricism and fiction, is told with the help of instruments of that time: tiorba, cello, traditional instruments of the Mediterranean area, used to give the highest prominence to the voice, which in this project ventures into choral spaces, searching for echoes from the past and projected into the imaginary.


Etta Scollo: voice, guitar, acting

Susanne Paul: cello, voice

Fabio Tricomi: ancient and traditional instruments, voice

Sebastiano Scollo: Renaissance lute, tiorba, voice


Special guests on the CD:

Giovanni Sollima: Cello

Rolf Lislevand: tiorba, baroque guitar