In 1989, PIERO OSTALI JR., Enzo and Nandi’s son, joins the firm. Casa Musicale Sonzogno is concerned with the emerging of new music styles and welcomes well-known composers such as Tutino, Pedini, Galante, Testi and Battiato. It launches, in Italy and all over the world, young and innovative talented musicians such as Sòllima, Boccadoro and Betta. Furthermore, it acquires the sub-publishing of the catalogue of Philip Glass.

Casa Musicale Sonzogno extends its library with the publishing of important books dedicated to the composers of the "Giovane Scuola" (The Young School), with reference to a critical reappraisal of the entire veristic period.

1996 sees the inauguration of a web site, the first of its kind to be carried out by a European music publishing house.