(Trento, 1959)

La tempesta
02h 00' 00" Operas

originale italiano e inglese di Luca Fontana (da

On rental. The opera is a play of mirrors between the past and the present: on one side Shakespeare and Purcell, and on the other Luca Fontana and Carlo Galante. 'La tempesta', premiered at the Teatro Carignano during the Olimpiadi della Cultura, is a 'playful drama and masque in word and music' in which the songs from the masque 'The Tempest' by Henry Purcell (1695) come together with the music written in 2005 by Carlo Galante based on a libretto by Luca Fontana from Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. Galante explains: 'There are parts sung and parts spoken (in a cast of singers, actors, and also actors that sing). Around a plot of the Shakespearean 'Tempesta', Luca Fontana has constructed a new dramaturgy that intersects with the original in an amusing game of metamorphosis'. Composed in: 2005

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