DE ANGELIS Ugalberto



Ugalberto De Angelis was born in Milan in 1932 and completed his musical studies at the Conservatorio “Luigi Cherubini” of Florence (Horn, Pianoforte with Luigi Dallapiccola and Composition with Roberto Lupi).

His earliest compositions, written between 1951 and 1954, are characterised by the use of modality and by the influence of Slavonic culture. Subsequent works show the influence of dodecaphony, Bartók and contemporary techniques.

Among the most significant performances of his works should be remembered those of the '4 Pezzi', in the orchestral version, conducted by Lovro von Matacic in Milan in 1964, and of the 'Suite da musiche liutistiche del ’500' conducted by Riccardo Muti in Philadelphia in 1984, after the death of the composer.

Among numerous great interpreters are to be remembered also the flautist Roberto Fabbriciani, who gave the first performance of the 'Frammento # 2' (1973) and the pianist Dino Ciani, who was the dedicatee of the 'Sonata # 2' (1974).