(Turin, 1969)

Blu tranquillo per ensemble
00h 15' 00" Chamber

Fl. Cl. - Perc. Vib. Ch. Pf. - Vno, Vla, Vc.

On rental. 'Whistler the painter was criticized by a woman who said: 'I have never seen trees like that' [colored blue]. He responded: 'no madam, but wouldn't you like to see them'. (La Vita รจ Altrove, Milan Kundera). The composer was inspired by these words to portray the 'real blue trees' in the passacaglia, and to express 'the marvelous uselessness and, together, the prodigious force of musical writing' (Campogrande). Composed by invitation of the Torino Settembre Musica festival. Composed in: 2003

Operas of CAMPOGRANDE Nicola