(Turin, 1969)

01h 00' 00" Operas

originale italiano di Dario Voltolini
opera da camera 1 A.
1ยช Torino Teatro Piccolo Regio 20-3-2001
per soprano o voce jazz, attrice, pittrice, clarinetto, contrabbasso o basso elettrico e campionatore

On rental. A work for musical theater with a cast of a singer, an artist who paints on nylon, a clarinettist, a double bassist covered in feathers, and a sampler. 'One hears a sound that originates in the classical tradition but is made fertile by its sonorous landscape. Arias become songs, sounds of the avant-garde that fuse together by entertaining means for the sampler and instrumental virtuosity exceeds those limits in jazz' (Campogrande). Premiered at the Piccolo Regio in Turin.

Composed in: 2001

Operas of CAMPOGRANDE Nicola