(Roma, 1971)


Lucina Lanzara was born in Rome on October, 22th, 1971. She lived in Palermo until 1996 when she left for Genoa to study vocal technic integrated with the body tought by the Norwedian teacher Kjerstin Pronzato. It was then that Lucina begun to develop what would become her own personal style, a blend of ancient, contemporary, ethnic music and jazz.  Her singing is the fusion of different technics and musical stiles. She studied piano and classical guitar while she was still a group counselor when finally in summer on 1998 encoraged also by talent scout Teddy Reno, she started her carrier as a singer song writer. She perfomed with  both classic and experimental groups  in several Italian cities, in London and in France at Cluny.  Now she studies with MARY SETRAKIAN, Nicole Kidman's vocal trainer .
In Jenuary 2000 finishes to write the “DE MARE”, a  theatrical concert in 15 songs about the sea as a metaphor of human passions work in which words are purposely chosen to create specific atmospheres and musicality at the same time. The CD DE MARE will be out in Summer 2005.

In August 2003 when the promo video (DVD) of the Musical “BOCCADORO THE TRAVELLER” was shot,  she played the role of the mother, one of the main characters. The following year the show was performed at the Parco Archeologico of  Selinunte (TP, Sicily).

Once again in search for Mediterranean atmospheres can be breathed also in “IL CANTO DEL SOLE” (The Chant of the Sun) composed at the strat of the War in Iraq  it’s a protest against this horrible war which killes randomly anyone from hill people to innocent children. It’s a concert for Peace: the Sun speacks to people and says “wather, hair and love are the power of life, without them you cannot live, take them and try to understand the will live happier if you give sense to the smallest things that surround you in your everyday life”. The initial project started as a solo voice concert with percussion only and then gradually developed in to a spectacular perfomance with dancers, videos, and orchestra.  A big artistic challenge in which Lucina covers 3 octaves of her vocal  range performing without amplification when the acustics of the venue allow it.  The CD of the Canto del Sole has been out sice December 2004 edited by RAI Trade.

The Presidente of the Repubblic himself sent a telegram in which he congratulates Lucina for her perfect balance between music and solidariety that she managed to achieved in her show.
Lucina is actually working on a short film with the same title.

Lucina Lanzara has been the main guest on national TV and RADIO  programs like UNOMATTINA, Radio RAI Uno, Rai International Notturno Italiano e Taccuino Italiano, and also on special of RAI 3 and  TGS.
She perfomed on Festivals as Palermodiscena, KALSART 2004, KALSART Winter, Sanremo Tenda della Pace, in Genoa, Rome e Bologna.

The feedback after all the shows as been very positive as the reviews  show.

  • Mons Regalis, Teatro Vittorio Emanuele, Messina