The works published by the Casa Musicale Sonzogno belong to Wolf-Ferrari’s years of maturity: they consist of the operas Sly (1927) and La vedova scaltra (1931), and the orchestral works Violin Concerto in D and Symphonia Brevis.

After its promising debut at La Scala with Aureliano Pertile, Sly was subsequently limited to the repertoire of German theatres, but it has recently been brought to international notice by José Carreras (Washington, Barcelona, Zurich, Turin, Tokyo) and Placido Domingo (Metropolitan, New York).

With regard to La vedova scaltra, among the most significant interpreters of the role of Rosaura should be remembered Florica Cristoforeanu and Magda Olivero.

  • The libretto of the play by Forzano from which the opera Sly was taken
  • Aureliano Pertile, the first interpreter of the role of Sly (1927, La Scala, Milan)
  • La vedova scaltra at La Scala, Milan (1931)
  • José Carreras in the role of Sly
  • Poster for Sly at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York (2002, protagonist Placido Domingo)