(Milan, 1954)

La lupa
01h 00' 00" Operas

Original Italian version by Giuseppe Di Leva (excerpt from the novel by Giovanni Verga)
German translation by Esther Ferrier and Ruper Lummer

Opera 1 A. 2 Q. (A metropolis in the north of Italy during the Sixties)
Premiere in Livorno at the Teatro La Gran Guardia 4-9-1990
LA LUPA, ms. - NANNI, t. - MARA, s. lir. - MARESCIALLO RIZZO, br. - Gloria, s. legg. - Lia, ms. - Pino, t. - Nicola, t. - Salvatore, br.
3222 - Sax.t. - 4231 - Tp. Perc. A. – Archi

After 'the great rejections' of Puccini and Mascagni, Tutino is the one who sets to music La lupa, the novel by Giovanni Verga, taken from Vita dei campi. Commissioned by the Comitato Estate Livornese for the 100th birthday of Cavalleria Rusticana, the opera is ‘a rough representation of a drama [...] the emotional sensation produced by the dramatization of an obsession’ (Tutino). Premiered in Livorno, the opera has been presented again at the National Theater of Szeged in Hungary, Teatro Massimo in Palermo and Erfurt Theater in Germany. La lupa has been recorded by the labels Arcadia and Fonè. This last recording received the award from the Presidency of the Italian Republic.

Orchestral material on rental.
Composed in: 1990

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