(Brescia, 1963)


Born in 1963 in Brescia, he graduated with full marks and first class honours in composition at the Conservatorio “G.Verdi” in Milan, under the direction of Maestro Azio Corghi.

Then he attended a specialisation course with Karlheinz Stockhausen, and a seminar of orchestra analysis and direction with Maestro Nicola Samale.

He collaborated with the director Franco Piavoli in the music track of the film “Nostos”, and with the C.R.T. of Milan (Centro Ricerche Teatrali) in the incidental music for the theatrical performance “Il gioco del Diablo” by C.Botta.

He has published for the musical firm Sonzogno in Milan.

He has recorded 2 CD for Quadrivium, the first includes exclusively his piano works played by D.Clapasson.

In 1991 he won the first edition of “Concorso Caracciolo” in Rome with the work QUATTRO POSLUDI.

He has been awarded a research scholarship at the Università Cattolica del “Sacro Cuore” in Brescia, Mathematics Departements, in collaboration with professor Giovanni Melzi, for research in the field of music and informatics.

His compositions have been performed in the United States, Brazil, Greece, Spain, Belgium and France; a number of his pieces have been broadcasted by the Italian radio company.

He is composition supply teacher of Azio Corghi at the Conservatory “G.Verdi” in Milan.

Rai-Radiotelevisione Italiana proposed his composition A NOCTURNALL UPON S. LUCIE’S DAY at the Composers International Forum that took place in Paris in 1993 with the presence of 32 nations: the jury considered it worthy of segnalizing with well 28 votes.

One of his works was included in International Competition “Dino Ciani” 1993.

  • The CD of piano music by Luca Tessadrelli produced by the Quadrivium label