Aldo Tarabella, composer and director of opera, has collaborated with some of the most prestigious opera companies and theaters in Europe: the Royal Academy of London, the Slovenicum Orchestra of Ljubljana, the Symphonic Orchestra of Cannes, the ORT Orchestra della Toscana, the Festival di Nuova Consonanza of Rome, the Sinfonica Abruzzese, RAI, the Two Worlds Festival in Spoleto and the Mozarteum of Salzburg. He is also involved in opera for young audiences (his pieces of Oci Ciornie by Nikita Mihalkov) as well as ballets and musical theater (among his most recent compositions, the works of Pippo Pettirosso, a pièce teatrale by Altan). His endeavors into the operatic field comprise of Clown (1991), Arlecchino (1997) and Il pianeta della verità (2001, on a text by Rodari), while his directing favors Puccini, Britten, Donizetti, Humperdinck and Mozart for the ORT-Orchestra della Toscana, with conductor Myung-Whung Chung and in December 2002, the first modern revival of Umberto Giordano’s Mala vita, staged in Foggia under the direction of Angelo Cavallaro. Aside from being artistic director of the Teatro del Giglio in Lucca, Tarabella oversees the progetto Opera Bazar in Tuscany dedicated to chamber music for the theater and to new music. The principal objective of the Compagnia Opera Bazar is to delve into the study of operatic repertoire in a multidisciplinary scope through the mixture of varied artistic expression in a continuous exchange between artist, dancer, actor and musician.