(Perugia, 1956)

Il miracolo
00h 55' 00" Operas

originale italiano di Giacomo Pedini
opera 1 A. (epoca contemporanea alla 1ª)
1ª Città della Pieve Teatro degli Avvaloranti 20-9-2004
DONNA, ms. - RAGAZZA, s.
1111-1000 - Org. + Pf. - Archi

Orchestral material on rental. From a theatrical text by his son Giacomo, Carlo Pedini sets a surreal and comic affair to music. The opera in one act develops on two different planes to characterize two feminine characters, one the polar opposite of the other: the old lady who speaks in Umbrian dialect and the youth whose secret is revealed in the surprise ending.

Composed in: 2004

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