(Perugia, 1956)

Così fan (quasi) tutte
00h 40' 00" Operas

originale italiano di Giacomo Pedini
commedia 1 A. (dicembre 1791)
1ª Narni Teatro Comunale 23-10-2002
COSTANZA, s. - NANNETTA, ms. - Voce fuori scena, ms. o voce masch.
1111-2000 - Clav. - Archi

Orchestral material on rental.

The protagonists of this opera are the wife and sister of Mozart after his funeral, well before the inquiries into his mysterious death. An opera in one act, with two different surprise endings, set in the ambient of Mozart's world. The libretto is full of references to Da Ponte, to whom the title alludes, and rich in original musical citations that are at times more evident and, at others, perfectly inserted into the tessitura of the opera. The work was performed with the Rimskij-Korsakov opera 'Mozart and Salieri'. Composed in: 2002

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