(Perugia, 1956)

Orfeo in città
00h 40' 00" Operas

Orginal Italian by Alberto Pellegrino
opera 1 A. (Milano epoca contemporanea alla 1ª)
1ª Festival di Ferentino 15-7-1996
ORFEO, br. - EURIDICE, s. - Il Prologo, s. - Il Padone, t. - La custode, ms. - Voci dall'aldilà (facoltative), base registrata
0011-0110 - Perc. + Glsp. Pf. - Vno, Cb.

On rental. A transposition of the Orpheus into a modern key, in which Orpheus is a successful singer who pays an offering to a demon to free his Eurydice. The opera is structured in 22 variations based on a harmonic progression in C, typical in popular music. In some songs this is very evident, in others varied and difficult to recognize.

Composed in: 1996

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