Brought up from childhood to the music of his organist father, Lattuada obtained his diploma in Composition in 1912.

Some of his operas, such as Le preziose ridicole, Don Giovanni and La caverna di Salamanca, enjoyed from the beginning a long period of success, with performances at La Scala and the major Italian and foreign opera houses. Among the most significant interpreters should be remembered Mafalda Favero, Ebe Stignani, Jan Kiepura, Gilda Dalla Rizza, Helge Roswaenge, Iris Adami Corradetti, Cloe Elmo, Giulietta Simionato, Giulia Tess, Benvenuto Franci, Magda Olivero, Paolo Montarsolo, Sylvie Valayre.

His personality and his temperament are reflected in an operatic production of a clearly romantic-verista vein although not without signs of an attempt towards modernity, above all in his care for the colouristic details of the instrumental parts. As well as operas he composed orchestral and chamber music and numerous film soundtracks, among which are those for the first films of his son Alberto.


  • The first edition of the score of Don Giovanni (1929)
  • Caino at La Scala, Milan (1957, designer Nicola Benois)
  • Le preziose ridicole at the Teatro Rossini of Lugo di Romagna (1991, designer Ulisse Santicchi)